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GAIM ON Gratitude Challenge & Course

Harness reflection and intention to cultivate personal growth and clarity on your path to success.

More than 2,400 daily entries and counting!

Access Huge Benefits

Focus & Efficiency
Focus and Efficiency

Our app's clean design and intuitive features make staying focused and efficient effortless.

Mindful Living
Mindful Living

Simple, guided practices in our app help you cultivate awareness and find peace in the present moment.

Emotions Effortlessly
Balanced Emotions

Access tools for stress relief and emotional management at your fingertips, promoting inner harmony.

From the Pen

The world of GAIM ON gives you, blog posts!

28th February, 2024

GAIM ON and its Community team up to smash Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health Together.

28th February, 2024

We've developed a revolutionary approach to personal growth that harnesses the power of gratitude!

28th February, 2024

Personal growth can feel like a solitary pursuit, but GAIM ON offers a refreshing alternative.

Explore the Features

Gamified Experience

Level up as you learn more about yourself, and bring more attention to who you are and how you hold yourself accountable.

Prompted Entry

Learn how journaling can significantly improve your mental state and make use of our guided prompts to help get you started!

Team Friendly

Create teams, and fill them with the people you care about, work with, and want to check in with!


Only ever share what you like, with who you like, and choose to remain anonymous - it's completely up to you.


The GAIM ON app is free on any smartphone.

From the Voice

Listen to the GO Team Live Podcast, and Join Us!

GAIM ON Podcast Justin Coates
1 hour, 11 minutes

#32 Christmas Special

In this conversation we discuss what Christmas means to us with the challenges, pains and hope for a better day.

GAIM ON Podcast Lisa Galatis
1 hour, 23 minutes

#31 Create Your Legacy

Lisa is a life coach, a death doula, ITA practitioner, Human Design, mushroom tincture, Craniosacral Therapist and explorer of energy and vibration through the quantum field.

GAIM ON Podcast Justin Coates
1 hour, 37 minutes

#30 If Aliens Appear - Now What?

Enjoy this action packed event as we talk to the Co Founder and developer of GAIM ON Justin Coates.

GAIM ON Podcast Erin Griffin
1 hour, 52 minutes

#29 Life, Death & Dying

In this episode we talk about death and dying. I find myself in the zone with a feeling that can only be described as hyper. I am feeling so alive talking about the end of life path which is no surprise to me as I have been thinking about death for most of my life. 

Looking for more?

We have plenty of episodes available, and more inside the app!

Testimonials (necessary?)

People speaking for themselves

Here is what is being said about the app.

Such an incredible app, and a powerful system. I have noticed so much about myself, and have created a team for my family, and it's a great way to check-in to their feelings.

Anonymous Team Member

12th February, 2024

Absolutely transformative! This app has reshaped my daily routine, offering insights and clarity I never knew I needed. A 'GAIM'-changer for personal growth.

Justin Coates

22nd October, 2023

GAIM ON is a revelation in mindfulness and productivity. Its thoughtful features and beautiful, simple design have profoundly impacted my wellbeing and efficiency.

Anonymous Team Member

17th January, 2024

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